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Purpose Within has been privileged to work with top-level decision makers and visionaries from across sectors including nonprofits, businesses, educational institutions, government agencies and other mission-driven organizations in the US and internationally. Take a look below to see feedback from recent clients.

Michelle provided me a knowledgeable, dispassionate-yet-compassionate professional sounding board and feedback mechanism during one of the toughest experiences I’ve had in my professional life.

Michelle's approach was so beneficial because when you are in a leadership role, it is hard to have someone you can confide in and talk openly with. I think many leaders wind up holding so much in, when it is much healthier to have someone to talk to that you can trust.

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Client 2

Purpose Within was terrific to work with. They invested considerable time prior to the meeting to work with the Director and Associate Director in crafting the training to be applicable to staff issues. They also had pre-workshop conversations with the staff members to better understand their roles and expectations of the organization. During our meetings, the Facilitator was able to keep staff members focused and masterfully steered conversations.

My coach helped me to clearly articulate goals, desired changes, and outcomes. Intentional, constructive, feedback in a positive atmosphere.

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